We at Snowday believe in our collective ability to craft a better world for us all to live in. By choosing to eat with us, you’re not only filling your belly with the finest food served off a truck in New York City, you’re voting to redefine reality for us all. With every bite, you’re pouring your money back into our local economy, as we source the majority of our ingredients from within 200 miles. With every dish, you’re deciding to take back our food production from the hands of multinational corporations, as we work hand in hand with small and family farms. Our cuisine nourishes your body as well as our earth; promoting clean air and water with regenerative agricultural practices. Choosing to dine with us, you directly impact the lives of our young people striving to create the futures they desire. As the mobile classroom for Drive Change, your patronage supports our work in dismantling the inequitable cycle of incarceration faced by so many in our communities far and wide.

Our fare is built with ingredients sourced locally, seasonably and sustainably. We strive to work more and more exclusively with providers who share our vision for a better world. We know the best flavor is a byproduct of ingredients grown with great care, and the freshest ingredients come from the closest farms. We strive to make use of cuts in low demand and utilize seconds often passed by at the market. Exclusively at Snowday, you will have the opportunity to eat produce grown within the New York City limits, as we feature vegetables grown by our partners at Battery Park and Randall’s Island Urban Farms. Our food is simple and sensuous, with nearly 100% scratch preparations. As a three time Vendy Award winning food truck, let us illustrate for you how something as straightforward as your lunch can be a dynamic force for change. Drive with us towards a better world for us all.

*Because we are committed to local sourcing from small farms menu items are subject to change based on ingredient availability

Flying Pigs Farm - Shushan, NY
Shewolf Bakery - Brooklyn, NYC
Solebury Orchards - Solebury, PA
Blue Moon Acres - Pennington, NJ
Jah’s Organic Farm - Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
Barefoot Gardens - Doylestown, PA
Fields Without Fences - Frenchtown, NJ
Phillips Farm - Milford, NJ
Hot Bread Kitchen - Harlem, NYC
Double J Farms - Vineland, NJ
Sun Fed Beef - Earlville, NY
Breakaway Farms - Mount Joy, PA
Castle Valley Mills - Doylestown, PA
Randall’s Island Urban Farm - NYC
Battery Park Urban Farm - Manhattan, NYC
Vannini Farms - Vineland, NJ
Trauger’s Farm Market - Kintnersville, PA
Marolda Farms - Vineland, NJ
Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms - Kennet Sq, PA
Griggstown Quail Farm - Princeton, NJ