Hi I am Fredrick Coleman. I am the Drive Change/Snowday Liaison. Here are the qualities I believe a successful Snowday employ must have:

Empathy – At Snowday we deal with people constantly. Snowday employees will interact with customers, team members, Drive Change/Snowday management and others. There’s always more that is going on in someone’s life than what meets the eye. People may seem unhappy or they may make a mistake for any number of reasons. As an employee you should be able to listen and relate. Be understanding.

Hardworking/Team Player – Be committed to your goal or task. Be willing to step in and help your fellow employees or even take the lead. Communication is essential for this position.

Flexible – Snowday is growing/evolving. New events and locations come up at anytime and we will need employees who are available and accommodating.

Friendly – We deal with customers, co-workers and press. All Snowday employees should have an approachable, positive attitude.  You never know who you’re going to meet – be aware of your surroundings and think of every day as an opportunity to put forth your best self.

Open-minded – We encourage our employees to be creative. Together we are a team working towards our success. Someone who is not stuck in their ways and is willing to grow is a perfect fit for our company.

If you think you meet these qualifications – we’re excited to meet you.  Please go to the Drive Change website and send us a application request on our contact page.