What would I teach someone who’s coming into the program in the future?

Well the first thing I would teach someone coming into the program is how to be courteous.  And another thing is how to work with the different personalities in our program.

Fyffe on "Getting out of my comfort zone"

Getting out my comfort zone means to me, talking to people, being the center of attrition, and commutating with people on different levels, such as making videos, taking pictures, and writing.  It’s important for me to come out my comfort zone so people can understand me and what I’m trying to do. Also, it allows me to make good connections with people I may need in the future.

Ex: Getting out my comfort zone is when I get off the truck and explain to our customers what Snowday’s goal is and how we trying to change the world one bite at a time.

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Fyffe on "Being part of a team"

Being a part of a team means knowing when to be a leader at times and helping your co-workers when you see them in a problem. Also being apart of a team means knowing how to work with your co-workers even if  y’all  don’t get along with one another.

Ex: when I’m on the truck it’s not just me working it’s my team too. The way me and my team work together is by helping each other with their stations like for an example: I'm at the pick up window but one of my co-workers needs me to help him with the order window because he is making grill cheese and there are customers waiting to order.

Fyffe on "The definition of responsibility"

Well responsibility means to me is keeping up with your own things without having to be reminded and also being able to know your limits and obey them. What does responsibility looks like? Responsibility looks like to me is a reflection of your self and how you would react to different situations.

Ex: When I'm at the pick up window my responsibility is to make our customers happy by talking to them about our food and how great it is also do a little joking around to build a bond with the customers. When I pass the customers their food< it’s my responsibility to make sure they remember our food truck in a positive way. I realize I'm the last person they see so this is my responsibility.