We've had a great first month. 

The Snowday Team pride is palpable and with each week of cooking, connecting, learning and working our fabric is pulled tighter. 

In our first month we served food with a side of social justice to over 1,000 people. 

We've had 9 total services and we grossed a 8,749 dollars. 

During our first month we cultivated community all over Brooklyn in neighborhoods like Gowanus, Prospect Park, BK Bridge Park and Dumbo. We also connected with our friends at The Urban Garden Center and we served farm-to-truck food in Harlem. 

We are constantly learning from mistakes and logistical challenges embedded in the food truck world in an effort to make the next service better than the one prior. We work together, we share ideas - each voice is heard and it is valued. 

If this first month is any indication of what is to come - we cannot wait. 

Thank you to everyone who has come out and shared a meal with us - we are trucking towards a better tomorrow, one bite at a time. 

If you cannot make it out to the truck, you can always help us to Drive Change by donating here: http://drivechangenyc.org/donatetodrivechange/

Mad maple love, 

The Snowday Team