Did you know your choice to book our truck is driving change? The Snowday food truck is the mobile classroom for Drive Change Inc, a social enterprise that provides employment and empowerment opportunities for court-involved youth.

In order to fulfill that mission, we request a minimum booking order of $1100 for a 3-4 hour service. Our prices allow for great quality of ethically and locally sourced products, as well as fair wages for our Fellows. Additionally, all revenue cycles back to Drive Change to provide quality training and amazing growth opportunities for our striving Fellows!

Thank you for your support!

O Menu

(imagine the "O" is a snowday logo)

Click through the menu to get a taste of our offerings this spring!  Because Snowday sources our food as locally and sustainably as possible, many of the ingredients are likely to change before the time of your event.  If you're lucky, one of those changes may be made from our rotating small batch ingredients from smaller NYC farms!

Ready to request a booking? Click on the Booking Requests button below. (It's OK if you can't decide on your food yet!)

Do you have employees that are overdue some appreciation?  Can't ignore that sneaking suspicion your wedding won't be as memorable without us?  Submit the Booking Requests Form if you're interested in bringing Snowday to your event!

Can't meet the financial investment for a booking? Have a different idea for a partnership? Apply to book the truck for a mission-aligned event. Fill out the form to tell us how you believe bringing our truck will bring value beyond financial compensation to the Drive Change mission and to the lives of the people at your event!

Only events with mission-alignment will be considered for a Partner Booking.