Drive Change is currently converting our Snowday Truck into a Drive Change branded truck. The look of the truck will change but our Vendy Award winning menu will stay in tact as will our commitment to sustainable sourcing.

During this transiton, we're accepting requests for booking on a limited basis - we are only able to accomodate mission aligned requests.

We will be back in full service in June 2017 and look forward to working with you for your special event at that time!

Please note for all bookings, we request a minimum booking order of $1100. These costs not only provide a liveable wage for our Fellows, but all revenue cycles back to Drive Change to provide quality training and amazing growth opportunities for our striving Fellows!

Thank you for your support!

Click through the menu below to get a taste of the kind of food we offer!

Because we source our food as locally and sustainably as possible, many of the ingredients can be expected to change before the time of your event.  If you're lucky, one of those changes may be made from our rotating small batch ingredients from smaller NYC farms!


BOOkings: We are currently accepting requests for mission aligned events

Apply to book the truck for a mission-aligned event. Fill out the form to tell us how you believe bringing our truck will bring value beyond financial compensation to the Drive Change mission and to the lives of the people at your event!

Only events with mission-alignment will be considered for a Partner Booking.
Credit: Jeyhoun Allebaugh 

Credit: Jeyhoun Allebaugh 

Have an event schedule for June 2017 or later? We will take requests at a first come basis. Please note, we will not be accepting bookings that are not mission aligned before June 2017 - Please expect some delay in correspondence. Thank you! 

Please click the truck specs sheet to ensure that your site can accommodate a food truck!

*Note Snowday cannot accommodate additional service arrangements such as tray service or tableside service at this time - but hopefully in the coming years!